2019 MAYACAMAS Vineyards Chardonnay
Mount Veeder – Napa Valley



Experience the captivating allure of the 2019 MAYACAMAS Vineyards Chardonnay from Mount Veeder! Delight in the harmonious blend of elegance and complexity that this vintage offers. With its vibrant flavors of ripe orchard fruits, subtle oak undertones, and a hint of minerality, this Chardonnay will take your palate on an unforgettable journey.
Unlock the beauty of Mount Veeder’s unique terroir and the wine making expertise of MAYACAMAS Vineyards. Immerse yourself in the essence of this iconic vintage, where every sip unveils a new layer of flavor and complexity.
Volume: 750 ML | 14% ABV

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Wine Enthusiast – 97 Points

Made by winemaker Braiden Albrecht and consulting winemaker Andy Erickson, this beautifully layered and complex white is impressive in its scope and its profound, profuse flavors of peach, pineapple and pear. The fruit character is complemented in anise, salty stone and hints of jasmine. Oct/2021 —VIRGINIE BOONE

Vinous Media – 94 Points

The 2019 Chardonnay is fabulous. Next to the 2018 in this tasting, it has more resonance and overall depth. Power, depth and energy all come together in this beautifully layered, expressive Chardonnay. Lemon oil, almond, chamomile and dried flowers fill out the layers effortlessly. The 2019 is such a gorgeous wine. Jan/2021 —Antonio Galloni


The 2019 Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay from Mount Veeder is a remarkable expression of this iconic wine. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it captures the essence of the unique terroir and heritage of the region.

With its pale straw color, the 2019 Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay entices the senses with aromas of ripe apples, citrus zest, and hints of tropical fruits. On the palate, flavors of crisp pear, lemon, and pineapple are beautifully balanced with a touch of toasted oak and a subtle mineral undertone.

This Chardonnay showcases the hallmark acidity and freshness that Mount Veeder is known for, providing a lively and vibrant mouthfeel. The wine’s well-integrated oak adds complexity and structure without overpowering the fruit, resulting in a harmonious and elegant finish.

The 2019 vintage of Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay exemplifies the winery’s commitment to producing age-worthy wines. While enjoyable now, it has the potential to develop further with cellaring, revealing additional layers of nuance and depth.

This Chardonnay is a testament to the legacy of Mayacamas Vineyards and the renowned winemaking tradition of Mount Veeder. It is a must-try for wine enthusiasts seeking a superb representation of the region’s terroir and a truly exceptional Chardonnay experience.

Founded in 1889, Mayacamas stands as one of the most storied vineyard and winery operations in the history of American wine. Through its more than 125 years of production, Mayacamas has earned its place as a standard-bearer of traditional winemaking, and the source of some of California’s most iconic and longest-lived bottles. Named for mountain range that divide the Napa and Sonoma valleys, the old stone winery was dug into the side of a dormant volcano crater in 1889 and has remained in production ever since. For generations, methods and tools have been passed from owner to owner, and the Mayacamas style has remained remarkably consistent. As the newest owners in a lineage of pioneering caretakers spanning numerous generations, we faithfully steward Mayacamas towards a bright future, ever mindful of the great traditions of the past. Since 2013, our team has worked tirelessly to restore all aspects of the Mayacamas operation, ensuring continued success for this unique American story.

Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay from Mount Veeder is a wine with a rich and storied history. Mayacamas Vineyards, located in the rugged Mayacamas Mountains that separate Napa Valley from Sonoma Valley, has been producing exceptional wines since its founding in 1889.

The unique terroir of Mount Veeder, characterized by its high elevation, volcanic soils, and cool maritime influence, provides an ideal environment for growing Chardonnay grapes. The vineyard’s location on the western slopes of the Mayacamas range allows the grapes to benefit from the cooling breezes that sweep through the valley, resulting in a longer growing season and grapes with vibrant acidity and complex flavors.

Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay gained recognition in the 1970s and 1980s as one of the premier Chardonnays in California. It was during this period that the winery established a reputation for producing age-worthy and elegant wines. Their commitment to traditional winemaking techniques, such as fermenting in oak barrels and aging in cellars for extended periods, set them apart from many of their peers.

Over the years, Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay has consistently showcased the unique character of Mount Veeder. The wines exhibit flavors of crisp apple, pear, citrus, and tropical fruit, along with hints of toasted oak and a mineral-driven finish.

Despite changes in ownership and winemakers, Mayacamas Vineyards has remained steadfast in its dedication to producing exceptional Chardonnay. Today, the winery continues to craft wines that reflect the distinctiveness of Mount Veeder, while also incorporating modern techniques to enhance quality and consistency.

Mayacamas Vineyards Chardonnay from Mount Veeder stands as a testament to the rich winemaking heritage of the region and the enduring quality of wines produced from this renowned vineyard.

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