2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR
Bordeaux Red Pauillac *Magnum*



Experience the Excellence: Indulge in the 2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR Bordeaux Red and embark on a journey of exceptional taste and sophistication. This distinguished vintage offers a harmonious blend of rich flavors and refined structure, showcasing the renowned craftsmanship of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR. Elevate your wine collection and savor the timeless allure of Bordeaux. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the pinnacle of Bordeaux winemaking. Order your bottle today!
Volume: 1500 ML | 13% ABV | Magnum Only

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Wine Advocate – 92 Points

A classic second wine that shows outstanding potential, the dark ruby/purple-colored 2002 has notes of cedar wood, black currants, earth, and truffles in a medium to full-bodied, supple-textured, beautifully concentrated style that can be drunk now or cellared for 10-15 years. Apr/2005 —Robert Parker, Jr. | robertparker.com

International Wine Cellar – 90+ Points

Good deep red-ruby. Cool aromas of raspberry, currant, black olive and spicy oak. Sweet, sexy flavors of redcurrant, tobacco, nuts and dried herbs. A bit more compact today than the 24, but finishes with suave tannins and very good grip. Showing a bit of an acid edge following the bottling. May/2005 —Stephen Tanzer | International Wine Cellar


2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR Red Bordeaux

Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR is esteemed for its unwavering commitment to producing exceptional wines, and the 2002 vintage is a testament to their winemaking prowess. Situated in the illustrious Bordeaux region of France, Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR stands as a symbol of quality and refinement.

Vintage Expression:

The 2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR Red Bordeaux embodies the distinctive characteristics of its vintage. The weather conditions of that year shaped the wine, resulting in a composition of exceptional depth and complexity. Careful selection and meticulous winemaking techniques have ensured that this wine truly reflects the terroir and expertise of the estate.

Tasting Notes:

In the glass, the 2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR displays a beautiful garnet hue, hinting at its maturity. Aromas of ripe black fruits, such as blackberries and cherries, intertwine with delicate floral notes, creating an enchanting bouquet. On the palate, the wine unfolds with elegance, revealing flavors of blackcurrants, cassis, and hints of spice. The well-integrated tannins and balanced acidity contribute to a velvety mouthfeel and a lingering finish.

Structure and Aging Potential:

The 2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR boasts an impeccable structure, where each element is in perfect harmony. The tannins provide a solid backbone, ensuring the wine’s ability to age gracefully. While enjoyable now, the wine has the potential to evolve and develop further complexity with careful cellaring. With proper storage conditions, this vintage will reward those with patience, offering an even more extraordinary tasting experience in the years to come.

Prestige and Collectibility:

Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR wines are renowned for their prestige and collectibility, and the 2002 vintage is no exception. With its exceptional quality and limited availability, this wine holds immense allure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its reputation, crafted by years of dedication to excellence, adds to its desirability and investment potential.


The 2002 Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR Red Bordeaux exemplifies the artistry and commitment to quality that defines this esteemed estate. With its expressive flavors, balanced structure, and aging potential, it stands as a testament to the rich winemaking traditions of Bordeaux. Allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of this exceptional vintage, and savor the distinct character of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR. Experience the epitome of Bordeaux elegance and sophistication.

History of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR

Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR is an esteemed winery located in the illustrious Bordeaux region of France. Its history is deeply intertwined with that of its legendary parent estate, Chateau LATOUR, known for producing some of the world’s most coveted wines.

Origins and Legacy:

The origins of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR can be traced back to the 19th century. In the mid-1800s, Chateau LATOUR, a renowned First Growth estate, recognized the potential of certain plots within its vineyards. These plots, known as “Les Forts,” were singled out for their exceptional terroir and unique characteristics.

Inspired by the desire to create a wine that reflected the distinctiveness of these vineyard parcels, Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR was born. It became a separate label, producing wines that showcased the exceptional quality and character of the Les Forts terroir.

Vineyards and Terroir:

The vineyards of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR are located adjacent to those of Chateau LATOUR, benefitting from a similar terroir and favorable microclimate. The vineyard parcels designated for Les Forts are carefully selected for their unique soil composition, sun exposure, and drainage, which contribute to the expression and complexity of the wines.

The vineyards predominantly feature Cabernet Sauvignon, the hallmark grape variety of the region. Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot also play a supporting role, adding depth and character to the wines of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR.

The Wine making Process:

de LATOUR follows a meticulous wine making process, guided by the expertise and tradition established at Chateau LATOUR. The grapes are hand-harvested at optimal ripeness, ensuring the preservation of their inherent qualities.

Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes undergo careful sorting to select only the finest fruit. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel or oak vats, allowing for precise temperature control and extraction of flavors. The wines are then transferred to oak barrels for aging, allowing them to develop complexity, structure, and a refined character.

Distinctive Style and Characteristics:

Les Forts de LATOUR wines are known for their elegance, finesse, and remarkable aging potential. They offer a captivating combination of power and sophistication, reflecting the unique qualities of the Les Forts vineyard parcels.

Upon release, the wines exhibit a beautiful balance between fruit concentration, refined tannins, and a vibrant acidity that provides freshness and length. With proper cellaring, these wines develop further complexity, unveiling layers of flavors and aromas that make them truly exceptional.

Legacy and Recognition:

Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR has gained a well-deserved reputation for producing wines of outstanding quality. Though they are separate from Chateau LATOUR, their connection to this esteemed estate is undeniable. The commitment to excellence and the pursuit of perfection that characterizes Chateau LATOUR is also reflected in the wines of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR.

Over the years, these wines have garnered international acclaim, earning the admiration of critics, collectors, and wine enthusiasts worldwide. They have become sought-after treasures, prized for their exceptional craftsmanship, and revered for their ability to age gracefully.


The history of Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR is a testament to the passion, dedication, and artistry that underlie the production of world-class wines. Building on the legacy of Chateau LATOUR, Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR has carved its own path, showcasing the unique qualities of the Les Forts vineyard parcels and producing wines of remarkable distinction.

Through careful vineyard management, meticulous winemaking practices, and a commitment to quality, Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR has established itself as a producer of exceptional Bordeaux wines. With each bottle, wine enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience the heritage, craftsmanship, and timeless allure that define Chateau Les Forts de LATOUR.

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