2002 Chateau LAFITE-Rothschild Bordeaux Red Pauillac 1st Growth


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Winery Notes: The early bud burst due to a hot and dry winter was followed by a rather cold and rainy period during flowering which led to incidents such as coulure (flower abortion) and millerandage (poor fertilization with mixed size berries). As from the beginning of June, the yield was expected to be low. The rather cool months of July and August were unexceptional as was the weather since the beginning of the year. However, this did not halt the ripening and veraison of the grapes.

The weather was excellent when the harvest neared; September was superb, sunny and dry with a north-east wind which accelerated the ripening process. A radiant sun shone throughout the harvests, which allowed the grapes to reach full maturity calmly.

It is a very dense, robust vintage with tight tannins and texture, good balance and great lengt

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