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About Us

Wine Merchants West has been an endeavor of the Love for Wine. My introduction to the world of wine was a bottle of Chianti. Though the varietal (Sangiovese) is somewhat enjoyable, I knew there had to be better or more choices out there. On one particular evening, a friend served a bottle of Oregon Zinfandel. This bottling turned out to be Lodi (California) grapes trucked up to Oregon's Willamette Valley for processing. This wine was absolutely loved, so I scoured the Portland Metro area and purchased every bottle that could be found. This was my initial exposure to a good wine that had limited production and a good winery following. I quickly developed a sharp palate for wine and before I knew it I was driving to every wine shop and wine retailer to try new things. This was followed by several trips to Napa Valley and a wonderful trip to the Bordeaux Wine Region in France. The rest is history, Wow!


Now, most of my favorite wines come from France and California. Bordeaux is a magical blend that seems to transcend most single varietal bottlings and is arguably the best wine money can buy. During my quest, I developed an appreciation for Bordeaux that I never could have imagined. The interest in Bordeaux came from a serious lack of choices in this local market. The Cabernet and Merlot from Bordeaux is like no other. After my realization that Bordeaux needs significant aging before release, I could see why it was not readily available.

Most retailers need to sell the latest bottling from any particular producer and thus don't have time to wait for the aging process. Young Bordeaux is typically too tannic for most consumers, and therefore is not a popular store shelf product. You will, of course, find Bordeaux on the self at most retailers, but most are inexpensive bottlings from the fringes of Bordeaux and don't live up to the French hype of "expensive is better". Bordeaux does not have to be expensive to be good.

You will find on this site only wine. We aren't trying to everything to everbody. We sell wine here, that's all. If there seems to be a simplistic atmosphere to the site please realize that is is mean to be that way. We care that you find the wine you are looking for and in the quickest and simplist way possible. If you have a hard time navigating out site please tell us so, so that we may improve your experience. Our intention is to help you find and enjoy the wines you prefer.



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